Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Dream

For a few years now I have dreamed of living in a Cohousing community. Bryan and I attended an informational meeting about it once, not really knowing what to expect, but quickly realizing that we would love to raise our children in this sort of environment. Now if only we could gather 20-30 of our favorite people, talk them into this harebrained idea, raise some money, find a location, have the homes built, and find someone qualified enough to organize it all....

(taken form

What Is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods.
Cohousing residents are consciously committed to living as a community. The physical design encourages both social contact and individual space. Private homes contain all the features of conventional homes, but residents also have access to extensive common facilities such as open space, courtyards, a playground and a common house.


Clair said...

Let me know when you get it all organized, because I'm down =)

Regi said...

I have an aquaintance that lives in cohousing in new hampshire, she loves it and it sounds great.