Monday, November 3, 2008


We are not Halloween people. But now we have a child that deserves all the wonderful memories of dressing up so we were good parents and took Penny to a fun little carnival. She played games, collected candy (which her very mean mother wouldn't even let her taste), won a tiny little fish in a plastic bag that died on the way home, and had the most amazing time in her first bounce house experience. And while it was the best thing ever to see her giggle and smile while she bounced away, it nearly gave me a heart attack waiting for her to crash into the slightly older, but definitely more durbale, children that filled that small space. Luckily, she came out unscathed, but mama was in desperate need of a drink to calm her nerves.

Who Knew I Was So Friggin Crafty?

Leave it to me to wait until the day before Halloween to start thinking about a costume for Penny. I, being crafty-challenged, decided that I would whip up a hula girl outfit at the last minute. I knew it would be relatively easy & that I could pull it off, but I had no idea it would turn out to be the cutest thing ever! I'm seriously thinking of making her the same costume every year until she starts to complain... it really is that adorable! Check it out for yourself.

Funny Girl (or 2 Binky's are Better than 1)

The Pumpkin Patch (w/ our favorite little Lila & her parents)

A few weeks ago (i swear i am doing my best to keep this blog current!), we gathered up some of our favorite people & headed over to Irvine Park. We had a lovely little picnic while Penny & Lila killed time stealing each others toys. I keep reminding Penny that they are supposed to the best of friends, but for now they happily ignore each other when they're not fighting over Lila's screaming monkey.

Then we headed over to the Pumpkin Patch where I was quickly reminded that I am not a fan of all children. Too many greedy little buggers & not enough parents to contain them. They ran amuck while we tried to pose our little angels with the pumpkins. I quickly realized that the annul pumpkin patch tradition is not for having fun but for the wonderful photo opps.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Dream

For a few years now I have dreamed of living in a Cohousing community. Bryan and I attended an informational meeting about it once, not really knowing what to expect, but quickly realizing that we would love to raise our children in this sort of environment. Now if only we could gather 20-30 of our favorite people, talk them into this harebrained idea, raise some money, find a location, have the homes built, and find someone qualified enough to organize it all....

(taken form

What Is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing in which residents actively participate in the design and operation of their own neighborhoods.
Cohousing residents are consciously committed to living as a community. The physical design encourages both social contact and individual space. Private homes contain all the features of conventional homes, but residents also have access to extensive common facilities such as open space, courtyards, a playground and a common house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Fun Morning

Slacker Mom

When Penny was younger, she only ate homemade, organic baby food. I "wore" her everyday as an infant, and even now, when she needs extra snuggles, I strap her to my chest to keep her close. I researched vaccines, gentle disciplining, and safer toys. We have made an attempt to go green and keep her safe from harsh chemicals. All these things came naturally. It was not a sacrifice to give my daughter the very best.

But Mother of the Year, I most definitely am not. I suck at playing. I lack motivation to find new & fun things to do to help fill her days. Bryan will get down on the ground with her, making forts out of over sized pillows & fluffy blankets, and I wonder why I couldn't think to do that. This is one part of parenting that does not come easily for me.

As the weather is cooling, I have decided to make a serious effort to get us out of the house to play. We've been walking to the park this week in the mornings, before the day gets too warm, and it has been wonderful for both of us. Penny has discovered that the best thing about the playground is not the slides & swings, but the giant sticks that litter the ground. She enjoys the walk to and from, watching the crows fly overhead and waving bye-bye to every passing car.

These outings need to become a regular part of our routine. Penny needs it and most definitely deserves the little bit of effort it requires of me. I can do this for her. I hope I don't forget too quickly how the little things make such a difference.