Friday, November 30, 2007

back to me

i was inspired by an old friend to start blogging. i wrote in my journals faithfully from the age 0f 11 until the time my hubby & i first started dating... and then for some reason i just stopped. i spent years retelling the highs & lows, the heartache & love lost, the overwhelming joy & release of fears... & then just stopped. the most important stage of my life began & i stopped telling my story...

i married a wonderful man 4 1/2 yrs ago. life has been bliss since that day. then 6 months ago i gave birth to our beautiful daughter, penelope lucy. our little pennylu. doesn't that moment deserve to be frozen in time?

i have learned to be a wife & now a mother & have found this is all i have wanted in my life. but somehow i have lost a bit of me. i guess it's the natural course of things, but now as i'm settling nicely into this life, i want to find more of me.

i want the clarity that writing can bring. i want to learn & grow so one day i can teach my daughter to do the same. i want my husband to remember why he chose me. i want to remember why i used to crave solitude. i want to be refreshed & bring joy to my family.